Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

I am blessed…
I get to know God, hear His voice, feel His touch, exercise His power, and extend His grace

I've been given a counseling gift and regularly get to walk with others and Jesus through the valley of the shadow of death

I've been given a teaching gift and get to investigate the truth of God with the best hours of any week and then share God's eternal word with others

I've been given a leadership gift and have been blessed with capacities to see vision and hear divine promptings and invest in others to move forward in the cause of Christ and His Kingdom

I've been given a community of men and women who love me and embrace me and give me freedom to be who I am and not some platform personality

I've been given two sons who love me and embrace me and who have soft hearts toward God

I've been given a wife who embraces me, forgives me, believes in me and blesses me to pursue God's directives for my life

I'm blessed to live in an area of great need so that God regularly engages my life as part of His provision for others

I'm blessed to live in a time of history where exponential and rapid change constantly explodes around me and God has given me grace to grow, become, learn and adapt

Thank You Jesus, the Giver of all good gifts.