Thursday, June 02, 2011

God's Sovereignty: Painful, Powerful, Purifying

Some of you won’t be ready to read and consider this post. I pray that you’ll bookmark it for another day.

God’s sovereignty is a glorious and painful subject. Glorious because when we think about or see a life event or circumstance rightly (biblically) we behold something great and grand about God. When we are unable or unwilling to see rightly we can be consumed and destroyed by disappointment, anger, resentment and grief.

John 9 tells the story of a man who was born blind. One day Jesus’ disciples notice him and they inquire, “Was this man born blind because his parents sinned or because of his own sin?” Jesus replied that neither speculation was correct. Rather, the man was born blind so that “the works of God might be displayed in him.” (9:3)

Jesus is basically saying that God, in His sovereign will, caused this man to be born blind and did so in order that God might be glorified because of it. The implications of that text are extremely difficult for many of us. When you apply the theology of that text to your own circumstance it can be very difficult to comprehend and accept.

Did God intend and cause your cancer or bodily defect or disability for His glory? Is God capricious, unkind or cruel?

I’ve wrestled with these questions through the years and feel like I’ve been able to land at a biblical conclusion but rather than sharing my musings allow me to introduce you to John Knight.

In the video below John Knight, a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis is interviewed by his pastor, John Piper. Knight is the father of a son who was born without eyes. Knight’s testimony may be the clearest biblical articulation I’ve heard on God’s sovereignty and it is totally authentic as his words and inflections drip with pain of his journey.

As you view the video (those viewing through a reader may need to click through to the web site) prayerfully seek the Lord, asking Him to speak into your heart and reveal His ways to you. There is a reason connected to God’s sovereignty that you saw this post and that you’re reflecting on this subject.