Monday, October 16, 2006

Dying Is Living

Last week I was listing to one of my favorite groups, MercyMe. Their latest CD,"Coming Up To Breathe", has a song at the very end called, "I Would Die For You". I liked a lot of the songs but this one arrested me.

I pulled the sleeve out of the CD cover and began reading the lyrics. They were exactly what I was preparing to say in a talk that I was giving yesterday in my church. Below the lyrics there was a paragraph that mentioned that the song had been written about a guy named BJ Higgins. Check out his web site here.

I read about 6 months of blog posts that not only detailed how BJ lived a full and abundant life for God but also how he died with peace and grace and a powerful sense of God's presence. BJ was just 15 years old but even at such a young age he discovered what was most important in life and he lived well.

The Bible says that the secret to living the life God plans for you is a paradox. In order to live you must die. Check out the link to my talk, "Dying Is Living" if you want to hear more.


Pray for BJ said...


I want to thank you for your obedience to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Being a pastor can be a very lonely place to be. Too often, there is a lack of true friendship. Too often, you hear all of the negatives from people, and nothing else.

I appreciate your willingness to take a stand to let people know that we must be willing to lay down our lives in order to serve our Lord. Though that kind of disposition is considered radical, the Lord uses that kind of faith to move others to Him.

BJ lived such a life. He did so, daily. I would like to think that I do too, but honestly, I struggle to do so. Most of us do.

Thank you for offering to the body what the Lord moved in your heart to share. It could have been cast aside by unwilling hearts. Instead, the Lord moved, and many responded. You are one of my Heroes, Scott.

Thank you for loving Jesus so much that you are serving Him. You are doing it well my brother!

Sam said...

You shoulda heard the sermon in person. It was one of Scott's best.

A whole lot of people were deeply moved. I think some of them "died" that day. Others of us die a little every day.

Sometimes, I envy being able to do what you do Scott. Being a teacher with such a rich topic has got to be a joy.

Scott Brewer said...


Sunday's service was truly special for me. We all (like Paul) will need to continually die every day so that we can live to Christ.

It is a unique joy and privilege to speak and bring a message like that. It is also a burden that taxes the heart which I gladly experience.

Thanks for the comments.