Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is Atheism Winning? Is Christianity Real?

Steven Weinberg is a Nobel laureate and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Texas. He has recently published a review of Richard Dawkins’ blockbuster tract for atheism, The God Delusion in The Times (London). In his review Weinberg argues that Dawkins is missing a very big point – that atheism is already winning the day in the West. Weinberg wants Dawkins to calm down and see the victory.

Weinberg points out that Europe is so thoroughly secularized that churches are virtually empty. And, millions of Americans claim to be Christians but have virtually no idea of what Christianity really is. Weinberg explained, “Although most Americans may be sure of the value of religion, as far as I can tell they are not very certain about the truth of what their own religion teaches.”

Weinberg shares anecdotes from his own experience. He says that he has good friends in Texas who are professed Christians but that they never try to convert him. He said, “This might be taken as evidence that they don’t really mind if I spend eternity in Hell, but I prefer to think that they are not all that certain about Hell and Heaven.”

Weinberg also recounted that an American priest told him that it is not so important what one believes; the important thing is how we treat each other. “Of course I applaud this sentiment, but imagine trying to explain ‘not important what one believes’ to Luther or Calvin or St. Paul. Remarks like this show a massive retreat of Christianity from the ground it once occupied.”

I believe that Weinberg is accurate in his assessment of American “Christians”. I hope he and Dawkins are both wrong about atheism winning the day.

Friend, if you have thought about examining Christianity and then thought not because of your observation of “Christians” around you I plead with you to once again give Christianity consideration.

I once had a family physician talk to me about eating right, exercising and staying away from tobacco. He was a smoking, fat, out-of-shape forty-something. However, I believe his medical counsel was correct though he didn’t practice it.

I’m nowhere close to a perfect Christian but I do take my faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to His commands seriously. I know a lot of other serious Christians too. And by serious I don’t mean that we’re against fun, laughter, happiness and joy. Many of the Christians that I know and hang out with live deep, rich, connected, full and significant lives. They love others well. They are generous and sacrificial with their stuff. And, if they were a friend of Steven Weinberg, at some appropriate time they would bring up his need for Jesus Christ.

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One of many christians said...

I wonder how thorough Steven Weinberg did his research on this topic, Christianity and Atheism. How wide is his circle of friends and aquaintances? Did he gather information from another mans work? Or a random Poll? If you step across America and church denominations you may be surprised at the revial going on in the hearts and minds of Christians. I wonder if Weinberg asked more than one priest for an "opinion" I know of a good many Catholic priest and Pastors of various denominations who Know exactly what they believe and why. And these same people have a sincere compassion for all man-kind and a love for God.

Yes I've heard from a relative who says he's an atheist,that Atheism is on the rise and that there are more atheist in America than Christians. Where do they come up with these conclusions? Do they know whats in the hearts and minds of the majority of people across this country from a "poll". Do they merely take the word of a scientist or a journalist and dare not venture for themselves into churches (more than one in various states) to see and compare for themselves.
Weinberg may have received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979, and his "theorys" may capture the minds of many, but in the end when it comes to Atheism and Christianity, he cannot prove nor disprove the existance of God, or of a living soul. He cannot know, only speculate (in my opinion)that there are more Atheist than Christians in America.

I will follow up by saying, there are many intelligent Christians who believe and who live out their faith, and who Love they neighbor as themselves.