Friday, February 02, 2007

Binge Eating Is Most Common Eating Disorder

Thursday was my day off. My wife had been looking forward to my day off because we lost a tree during the wind storm a few weeks ago and she was very ready for me to haul away all of the debris. When I lost my tree my nice neighbor let me borrow his chainsaw so that I could cut my tree up. So, I thought I should return the favor and I offered to haul away his debris with mine.

Rented the U-Haul truck. Loaded it with my tree. Filled it to capacity when I added my neighbor’s debris. I’m ready to drive to the transfer station, dump my load and enjoy the rest of my day off. Then the conspiracy took place. My neighbor suggested that while I have the mighty U-Haul truck that I attach his rope to my remaining tree stump and pull it out. He will help me chop it up so I can haul it away. I didn’t want to. I heard the clock ticking away and my day off disappearing. His wife and my wife in harmony began cheering for me to pull out the tree stump. So…we did.

Yes, that 20-year-old tree had a wonderful root system that was wrapped around my underground waterline. When I successfully pulled up my tree stump a beautiful gushing of water appeared in my yard. Now, I’m dealing with the local water service, rushing to the transfer station to dump my load, driving a U-Haul through rush hour traffic and waiting in line at the gas station so I can return the truck with a full tank.

Guess what comes to my mind? I want a Blizzard from Dairy Queen! Even though it is lousy rush hour traffic, I get rid of the truck and fight my way across town and get a delicious Blizzard. I deserved the treat, right?

You may be like me and through the years have learned to comfort yourself with food. What happens if you need a lot of comfort because you have a lot of pain in your life? An occasional ice cream treat or candy or potato chips is no cause for great alarm. But, for many the “occasional” is now out of control.

According to an AP story binge eating is now more common than anorexia or bulimia according to a national survey. The survey revealed that 3.5% of women and 2% of men suffer from binge eating. They might for example eat a full dinner, and then a quart of ice cream, followed by a bag of chips, without being able to stop, says Dr. Harrison Pope of McLean Hospital of Harvard University.

“It's a little bit analogous to something you hear from an alcoholic, when they might say, ‘Well, I wanted to have one drink,’ and they've had 12 drinks and they're passed out on the floor,” he said. “Even though they feel full, even though they feel disgusting and guilty, they can't stop.”

Many alcoholics and other addicts have found help in breaking free from dealing with their pain by consumption of some thing by working 12 Steps. It is basically a program of bringing God into your life in such a way that your relationship with Him brings healing to the deep places in your life that you have been “medicating” with drink, drug, food, sex or whatever.

Today I’m praying for you that are hurting that you might find healing and wholeness in a personal relationship with God.

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