Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Transformation vs. Makeover

I had been sitting in my study reading for too long. I knew that I needed to go in to the family room and be with my wife for a while. I entered and found her watching a television program about “makeovers”. It was very educational :)

I discovered that a woman can instantly “lose” ten pounds by changing the style, pattern and color of clothing. A haircut, some makeup and a little whitening of the teeth and presto, you have a new woman.

The “before” and “after” shots were remarkable.

Meanwhile, in the real world I’m privileged to live in a community of faith where men and women are seriously following after Jesus Christ. Every week friends who are not focusing on their external appearance but rather their internal character inspire me. Every week I’m seeing transformation, not just an image adjustment.

Do you know what I mean? Have you seen someone who was afraid to trust or to risk loving someone or to invest themselves in caring for someone hurting, step out of their comfort zone, receive grace and power from above, and become a different person!

I’ve seen severely wounded people become able to forgive and release resentments. I’ve seen hopeless, despairing people become full of life and confidence and joy. I’ve seen people trapped in a grinding existence break free into living with meaning and purpose.

I watched the makeover television program and thought, “I wish that I could capture and show the world the transformations I get to see.” Transformation is not television friendly. You can’t put on some new clothes and makeup and in 30 minutes bring the “changed” person before an applauding audience.

Transformation takes time, it takes work, and it takes a faith-based relationship with a living God. I’m glad for those that enjoy a makeover. However, I recommend transformation.


Lisa U. said...

You're right, Scott, but I just LOVE those makeover shows! A thought: my early religious training taught me that our bodies are a "temple of God". We need to treat our bodies well because they that is what give "body" to that in which we cannot see- our soul/spirit that is a part and at the same time apart from God (until we reunite with him in heaven). By dressing in a way that shows we care for our bodies and how they reflect our "light/soul/spirt", we give honor to God. Now, I don't mean wearing Calvin Klein, or Prada. In fact, I shop a lot at Value Village! But if I get up one day feeling very depressed and put on sweat pants and an ol' Tee shirt to REFLECT my disposition, it only worsens my feelings of despair. But if I put on clothes that make me feel good about myself, or that simply are fun and make me happy, then, it will put me in a better dispostion and a better place to hear and be responsive to God. Now I am NOT going to get into "inappropriate" clothing, but you get the drift!

Christina said...

From a womens point of view, I agree. The Joy that comes from the Lord is "Inside" and is evident no matter what you wear, however, I'd rather be wearing jeans than sweats when I'm in public...as for the hair...well I've been wearing the same style for 40 years! I'm too scared to do a "make-over" ha....ha..
But I'm so glad I wasn't to scared to approach Jesus Christ and ask Him for a "Makeover". He's still working on Me :) And I'm liking the results!