Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Time between Hope Lost & Hope Realized

Today is Holy Saturday. It is the day between Good Friday, when the Lord Jesus was crucified and buried, and Easter Sunday, when the Lord Jesus resurrected and vacated the tomb.

In the church traditions that observe Holy Saturday it is typically a day of silence and prayer. No Mass or worship gatherings are held. Those sanctuaries that have perpetually lit candles denoting the Presence of Christ extinguish the flame. What was taking place in the unseen world and with the Person of Christ on Saturday is still a mystery to us.

However, we do know what was taking place in the lives of those early disciples. They were despondent, fearful and depressed. Though Christ had foretold the events around His death it had all been beyond the comprehension of the first century followers.

Holy Saturday is a time between hope lost (we had hoped He was the Messiah) and hope realized (death is conquered and Jesus reigns). Holy Saturday is a picture of seasons in our lives that we all experience.

I’ve had those seasons where I had prayed and obeyed, followed and executed things that God had called for from my life. I believed God for outcomes that He promised. Yet those outcomes not only failed to happen but to some degree it seemed that the dream/vision had died. I had entered the “zone” of Holy Saturday.

Easter Sunday is a reminder to us that “resurrection happens”! Along with celebrating the saving work of Christ, on a personal level Easter is a stirring, a tugging on my heart that “Saturdays” don’t last forever. Easter calls for me/us to persevere in hoping, trusting, believing and following our Lord.

With respect to the promises of God and the activities of His kingdom, dark and quiet “Saturdays” will not dissuade me from hoping in the Lord.

“My soul, wait in silence for God only. For my hope is from Him.” Psalm 62:5


Anonymous said...

I am a reader of your column but do not attend your church. A member of your church turned me on to your log. While I am not inclined to talk about my beliefs with you I am amazed at your constant adoration of Jesus Christ. How does one never loose hope or feel frustration at God? I have read occurances where you have mentioned being frustrated but your worship and adoration does not fail. How can that be? It does seem a bit much to believe. Can you explain this relationship to me?

Scott Brewer said...

Hey, thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

Great question. It's the kind of thing that is better addressed over a cup of coffee.

But let me say briefly that your observations of my "worship and adoration" for Christ is after 36 years of having relationship with Christ.

Literally my Mother is the only close relationship I have that is longer than the one I have with Christ. I've been married for 30.

The point is that a relationship with Christ is very much like a relationship with anyone else. I trust Jesus more today than I have at any other time in my life. If I had been blogging 10-20 years ago you would probably hear different experiences than today.

I certainly don't always understand everything Jesus does or chooses not to do. I don't always understand why He calls upon me to do certain things. But I trust Him and I'm willing to obey.

I have known a lot of people and I've had a great variety of relationships. There is no one like Jesus.

Hope that helps. If you want to talk sometime let me know.