Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When Your Life Seems Invisible

I recently heard a talk by someone who had been reading about the great cathedrals in Europe. If you’ve been there and toured any of them you can’t help but be taken with how large they can be and yet given to such intricate detail. Many took over 100 years to build. Because the construction would be beyond the lifetime of the architect or designer, many of the builders are unknown.

In one such account the story is told of the builder carving a bird into a beam that would eventually be covered by a roof line and therefore would not be visible for people to see. Someone inquired of the builder as to why he was doing such meticulous work for something that no one would see. He replied, “God will see it.”

How much do you do every day at work, at home or in social circles, that no one ever sees that contributes to the life and beauty that is around you? God knows.

God knows about that prayer you whispered when you saw someone struggling. God knows about that small gesture you made to encourage someone. God knows about the help you provided secretly, about the arm you placed around a shoulder and about the yielding of your preferences for the sake of another. You have many acts of love and kindness that no one ever sees, that are hidden by the world’s “roof lines” of selfish, rude and boorish behavior, that are never missed by God.

He sees, He knows and He delights in your “invisible” life.

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