Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Divine Appointments

Occasionally I have the privilege of getting to see multiple pieces of divine puzzles come together so that a picture of revelation appears. Today was such an occasion.

I believe that God calls us (invites us) to meet with Him in what I refer to as a “divine appointment”. In other words, it is a meeting with purpose and often God’s power is at work in a manifest way. Divine appointments sometimes result in a new direction for the future or a deliverance from a broken past or a needed word of illumination or encouragement in the present. Significant breakthrough can occur with divine appointments.

With the advantage of hindsight we can look backward and see where God stirred us here or prompted us there or touched us at another point, all of which was leading to the divine appointment.

I talked with a friend about his recent divine appointment. Some of his previous encounters with God which led up to the current appointment occurred years ago. The result of the previous encounters was a softening of his heart so that he would have receptivity for the current appointment.

While exploring with my friend the exciting work of God in him I was struck with how easily none of this could have happened to/for him. At any of those prior encounters he could have stopped the movement of God in him by simply ignoring or suppressing or rationalizing away the touch of God. Such tactics harden our hearts to God’s presence.

But, because my friend acknowledged those prior encounters (felt pain, fear, loneliness, grief, etc.) his heart became softened to the presence of God. Then, bang, divine appointment, various puzzle pieces of life come together, a picture forms, and wow, “I see how God is at work in me.”

To see God at work is to be invited to join God in what He is doing. Joining God is communion. Communion is relational friendship. And, we’re talking about relational friendship with the Creator of the universe, Almighty God!

So, in my reflections I’m reminded today that God is always pursuing us, always at work in and around us, always purposeful and redemptive. May we be soft-hearted, responsive and attentive to His presence this day.

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