Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 + 10

As Martin Luther and many others through the years have pointed out, life is a series of exchanges. We exchange one thing for something else we deem of greater importance or value.

Daily we exchange money for food, housing, entertainment, etc. We exchange time in order to make money.

Increasingly we also trade money in order to have time. We pay for conveniences so that we have more time to do other things. In recent years many have understood time to be life’s most important resource and often we are more careful with how and why we exchange time for other things (though television viewing habits remain a glaring exception).

That brings me to God. In what ways do you exchange time for God?

If you give up an hour on Sunday morning for worship or on a weeknight for your small group, but do not have significant connection with God in that hour that is an inefficient or even poor exchange. I’m not recommending that you stop the exchange but rather that you make sure it is a good exchange by not coasting through the hour spent in worship or community.

As you’re determining how to spend your Summer time I encourage you to never miss the opportunity to worship, seldom miss the experience of community and always connect with God every day.

One simple yet powerful exchange is to spend 10 minutes reading the Bible and 10 minutes in prayer every day. 10 + 10 equals considerably more than 20 minutes when it is exchanged for meaningful connection with God.

God bless you as you make timely and timeless exchanges.

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