Monday, January 10, 2011

Win The Day

Tonight the Auburn Tigers face the Oregon Ducks for the college football national championship. Two undefeated teams, two high scoring offenses and one Heisman Trophy Winner would seem to be a formula for a great game.

Though I’m a Washington Husky fan I’ve enjoyed watching the Ducks all season and I’m always curious about what their next uniform look will be. They are definitely the champions of style.

Oregon is in the championship game for the first time. Under second year head coach Chip Kelly, the team appears to have bought in to Kelly’s philosophy, “Win the day”.

Kelly preaches a single message to his team, “Win the day”. Who cares about tomorrow, who cares about yesterday, all that is demanded of you is win the day. If it is a practice day, win that day, practice with excellence. On your day off have an excellent day of rest. On game day, play an excellent game.

Mondays can be difficult for a pastor if he feels like he didn’t preach well on Sunday. Mondays may be difficult for you as you dread the coming week of work or school. Win the day. All we’ve got for now is today.

And, since I’m a West coast, Pac-10 guy, may the Ducks win the day.

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