Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tim Tebow and Turning Pages

I am a big-time fan of Peyton Manning. I was a big-time fan of his dad Archie. I have followed Peyton’s career throughout college and professional football. I falsely hoped when Indianapolis decided to let him go that Seattle might aggressively seek Peyton’s services. Alas, the Seahawks are another story.

I’m also a big-time fan of Tim Tebow. Not only does his faith and life inspire me but his work ethic in the game excites me. The Broncos drive through the playoffs last fall was the most entertaining football I’ve seen in a long time.

Now Peyton is becoming the Broncos starting quarterback. What will happen with Tebow? Will he be a backup to Manning and learn from one of the best? More likely I think Tebow will be traded. The Tebow mania in Denver could be too much for the business of football to happen effectively in the Broncos organization.

A trade to another team is what I call a “turning of the page”. If God is the Author of life and each of our stories become a part of God’s metanarrative, then Tebow’s move to a new team will be the turning of a page into a new chapter in his life.

AND, Tebow will be just fine. In fact I predict he will flourish. No, I don’t have an inside scoop on what team will pick up the Heisman Trophy winner. It really doesn’t matter. I hope that Tim will have success in the game wherever he goes but if he doesn’t it won’t matter. Since football is “A” passion of Tim’s and not “THE”Passion of his life he will be just fine wherever he is and whatever he does.

Tim has made it clear that following Christ is his all-consuming first priority in life. Knowing Christ, serving Christ and seeing the difference that Christ makes all around his life won’t change. Just the city and team will change. AND, I predict that the graceful, classy way Tim handles the transition will likewise bring honor to Christ.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter in Manning’s career. I’m especially looking forward to the next chapter in Tebow’s life.

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