Saturday, May 05, 2007

No One Ever Really Gets Away With Doing Wrong

The Seattle Times tells of a 35-year old man who was scheduled to appear in court in Chehalis at the Lewis County Courthouse. As Eugenio Anthony Colon approached the courthouse he knelt in front of some shrubs and hid a container containing marijuana before entering.

What Colon didn’t realize was that the shrubs were in front of a window and behind the window were a number of police officers that watched Colon hide the container before their very eyes.

Colon was surprised to be arrested inside the courthouse for possession of marijuana and confessed that he didn’t realize that he was in front of a police window when hiding the container.

The Bible tells us that nothing escapes the watching eyes of God, not even our so-called secret thoughts. How does that make you feel? Frankly, if you’re living well and in keeping with the character of God it should make you feel good. The Bible tells us that God will reward us for doing good and especially for doing good in secret.

However, if we are doing wrong we are to be sure that we will be found out and that there will be a day of judgment and recompense where we’ll receive our “payment” for doing wrong.

A friend of mine recently faced some very unfair treatment at work and will lose a significant amount of money for comp time and promised bonuses that is due but won’t be paid. The boss is being both unprofessional and dishonest. What does one do? Certainly there is some legal action my friend could take. But mostly we both acknowledged to one another that God will continue to provide and that some day God will settle that injustice.

This is but one more reason that I choose to be a follower of Christ.

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