Friday, May 11, 2007

There Are No "Glass Slippers"

I had one of those conversations again. You know, the conversation with a friend that describes how hard a personal circumstance is and dreams of being rescued by the “magical wand” that brings the desired change. This is why fairy tales have been around for centuries. In fairy tales people can wish big dreams and think happy thoughts and live "happily ever after".

In the story Cinderella, the young girl has lost her real mother and has to contend with a nasty stepmother who is harsh and unfair. Cinderella has to do all the housework while her lazy stepsisters get to have all the fun. Cinderella is the constant recipient of cruel treatment born out of envy and jealousy. Cinderella lives in a dysfunctional home.

Solution? Just trudge along, be a nice girl and the animals will be your friends and someday a fairy godmother will turn your rats and pumpkins into a stretch limo and you'll get to impress a wealthy young man, get married and live happily ever after.

Is your marriage or family life crazy or even painful? Is your work setting disturbing or depressing by the way bosses treat employees? Are you wondering how you can be delivered from such uncomfortable relationships?

There are no glass slippers. The answer is not getting a different spouse or boss. Winning the lottery and becoming wealthy won’t fix everything. I know, you’d like to test out the getting rich experience just to make sure :)

The fact of the matter is that everywhere that you may be relationally challenged, there you are. Even if you get to change geography (different house, different job) or opportunity (different people, different bank account), “you” are still there. You have learned to live with certain decision-making proclivities and predictable reactions that will most often bring you back to a similar state.

The issue is not “How do I change the external things?” (circumstances), but rather “How do I change the internal things?” (me). I continue to find that the Christian faith is filled with instruction, inspiration and power for implementation for the developing of a changed life.

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