Sunday, November 25, 2007

"August Rush" is Metaphorically Moving

Spoiler Alert: I may say more about this film than you care to hear if you’re planning on going to the theater and seeing it.

I knew the basic storyline before entering the theater. A young couple becomes pregnant. The child is raised apart from the biological parents. Somehow music is a factor in their connection with one another.

That’s all I’ll say about the plot. Though the story is completely predictable I wanted to go along for the ride and see it unfold. Early on I was captured by the story because I was not just watching the story of a few characters on the screen. I saw the essence of every person.

The mother, father and child each have music “hard wired” into their soul. It must find expression and when it does, when music is liberated from their innermost selves, it is beautiful, compelling and powerful. I believe that every person has the “music” in their soul. Everyone has a “song” playing in and around them. The question becomes, “Can you hear it?”

The tagline of the movie is, “The music is everywhere. All you have to do is listen.”

For me the music became a metaphor, a picture of the Holy Spirit of God. Like the characters in the movie that often heard and played music that others didn’t completely “get” or comprehend, so it is with those who are touched, embraced, or “sung to” by God’s Spirit.

As the disconnected movie characters somehow intuitively played the song that was within, there was always some hope that the playing would more fully connect them with themselves, and the music would somehow draw them all together.

So it is with God’s Spirit. I have literally met people from all over the world who have become alive to God’s Spirit and when we have spent time together there was an inexplicable connection and affinity, like musicians who meet for the first time and begin to jam.

In the movie there were adversarial and dark figures that sought to exploit the music and prevent the life connection, but the music/Spirit could not be overcome in the end.

I was inspired as I was reminded that God’s Spirit persists in the pursuit of our lives. I pray that you will listen for the music.

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