Friday, November 30, 2007

Who Can Speak of the Sovereignty of God?

This coming Sunday I will deliver the first of a series of talks on the sovereignty of God based upon the Gospel of Luke and specifically around the birth narrative of Jesus Christ. The study and preparation has been personally stirring and inspiring. It has also been humbling.

First, I’ve been humbled because I have been freshly reminded how big and infinite God is and how small and finite I am.

Second, I’ve been humbled because I’ve taken on the task to speak of God’s sovereignty and I realize that I cannot do justice to the topic. Oh I’m more enthused and passionate about God’s sovereignty than ever. Words are just inadequate and my limited use of words is even more inadequate to do justice to the topic.

Third, I’ve been humbled because God’s attention to the details of life so that I might discover Him, draw near to Him and engage in relationship with Him is unspeakably loving, generous and filled with grace.

My assignment, to describe the indescribable, reminds me of those times in my childhood when my Mother would give me a task that was too big for me. I couldn’t do it as well as her but I certainly grew because of the effort.

I can’t wait until Sunday to gather with fellow believers so that we might worship an awesome God. I pray that you will also have a worship-full weekend.

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Letícia said...

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