Monday, December 03, 2007

Speaking of God's Sovereignty...

As I mentioned in my last post, I was scheduled to speak about the sovereignty of God Sunday at Meadowbrook Church. During those preparations my life encountered multiple examples of God’s sovereignty.
Friday night my wife and I had a date. We were going to Seattle with friends to see the 10th annual production of The Black Nativity, which I highly recommend. However, as we were getting dressed the power went out at our house. Ever tried to match socks with a candle?

Saturday morning I was a part of my Rotary Club’s annual Christmas party for financially challenged families. I matched up 43 children with adult “shopping buddies” and off they went to buy Christmas gifts and then returned for breakfast with Santa. Our area was hit by a snow storm. Some families couldn’t find our location. Some volunteers weren’t showing. The store with whom we had made arrangements for the shopping wasn't prepared for us. It finally all happened well but was extremely crazy for a couple of ours.

Then I went home to work on my “sovereignty” message. The power that came back on at my house went out again. Meanwhile, along with my co-pastor we were trying to decide whether we would be able to have a church service because the snow was accumulating, eventually about 6-8 inches around my house.

Sunday we did have our worship service and I humbly shared some thoughts about “a big God who involves Himself in the small details of life.” The message will be uploaded here sometime this week if you want to listen. But the reason that we were able to meet is because another storm system moved through, only this time it was driving rain and wind gusts between 30-50 mph. The snow quickly disappeared.

Sunday night Meadowbrook was to present The Living Nativity as a part of the Redmond Lights annual celebration. On the Sammamish River Trail we have a choir singing carols, costumed actors in a stable with live animals. Last year about 6,000 people caught the production. This year no one saw it because we had to cancel it late in the afternoon. The weather was just too difficult.

So, here I am Monday morning reflecting on the past 72 hours where everything I was involved in was out of my control. Though diligent plans had been made for activities that were designed to bless other people I had no control to carry out those plans. Some of our plans happened while others did not. In all of it God was present and active in ways that could be seen and in ways that couldn’t.

Life is indeed a mystery to us but never surprising or puzzling to God. Because I’ve experienced the goodness of God and I’m convicted about His loving character, I trust that He not only knows what He is doing with life’s details, but that it is all working together for a redemptive plan.

This week I’m going to give another talk about God’s sovereignty. I’m already curious about how this week will play out.


Anna said...

Hi pastor,
This reminds me of something I read this past week - Luke 11:5-10, especially verse 8. How odd because you would think this man would have received the favor right away because he was asking from his friend. However it was his persistence/shamelesness that got him his request. This verse really spoke to me in that when the result or response to our prayer and plans are not as expected, it becomes a matter of faith and persistence. And that it doesn't mean God wasn't responding, as you mentioned already!

Scott Brewer said...


What a great passage you were reading. Curiously Jesus tells a story about how persistence by Person "A" asking Person "B" for something changed Person "B".

However, when Person "A" asks God for something with persistence, Person "A" is the one changed.

It suggests that when it comes to asking God for something, the change that asking makes on us is more imporant than the thing received.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.