Friday, December 14, 2007


This morning I began my regular routine of cutting into an apple for my breakfast. I have an apple about four days a week. I buy a lot of apples.

I was reminded this morning that no one ever really buys an apple. When I go to the store and pick up a granny or gala or red delicious or my favorite, honey crisp, I inspect the apple visually and physically. I look for defects or bruises and I feel for mushiness. That being said, what I end up buying is an apple peal. I take it by faith that inside the peal will be a tasty apple.

This morning I cut into my apple, which had no bruising and felt firm, only to find out that on the inside it was rotten. How could that be?

When it comes to apples, bananas, watermelons, etc., we are always inspecting the outside and by faith believing that the inside will be what we’re hoping for.

Something that is the same on the inside as it appeared on the outside has integrity. I was surprised and disappointed this morning that my apple didn’t have integrity since it appeared to be a healthy and edible apple but was in fact rotten and ruined on the inside. My apple was a hypocrite.

Within seconds of my feeling disgusted and disappointed with my apple I felt a nudge by God’s presence. It was if He was saying, “You look great on the outside. I want you to tend to the inside.”

Inside of me there remain rotten places of anger, covetousness and pride. While I go about my work responsibilities today I also have some life work to do.

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