Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Willow to Saddleback

Over the past 20 years the ministries of Willow Creek in Chicago and Saddleback in Southern California have been a huge and powerful influence upon my life. I’ve learned much from their pastors and from several of their staff and of course from the tremendous spiritual growth materials both churches have produced.

Last week I participated in Willow’s annual Leadership Summit. I’m still reflecting and better engaging my heart with God from the presentations. I’ve been journaling and having heart-to-heart conversations with trusted friends in the “journey”. It has all served to be a “touch” from God to deep places within.

This week I’m attending for the first time the Celebrate Recovery Summit at Saddleback. Two summits in two weeks!

CR is a ministry designed for the biblical practice of recovery from habits, hang-ups and hurts. We’ve recently launched a CR group at Meadowbrook and I’m hopeful that this will be a ministry that helps many in far reaching ways for years to come.

Though my habit or addiction has not been alcohol or drugs I have been “crazy” through the years with workaholism, perfectionism and a form of grandiosity which believes that I must accomplish great things and be a great person in order for my life to count. These things are but symptoms of my brokenness that I’m powerless to manage. CR and the practice of 12 Steps have been the means of my turning my life over to Christ for His work of healing and restoration and renewal.

I’m grateful for a church family like Meadowbrook that both allows me the time to do personal life work and is a safe place for my own transformation and discipleship.


John said...

Hi Scott,

Is part of your workaholism posting blogs at 12:04am? Just a friendly dig. It is an honor for me to be part of your journey. You have been a great help in mine.

John O

Scott Brewer said...

Ouch. Good question :)

Actually, I've been having so much input from God lately I am almost overwhelmed. It was therapeutic for me to reflect, even at midnight.