Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brit Hume: A lesson in Perseverance

Some of my readers predicted that more would be made of Brit Hume making a comment about the advisability of Tiger Woods following the Christian faith than would be made of the truthfulness of the comment. Right you were.

In the embedded video Bill O’Reilly interviews Brit Hume about the controversy that erupted in the 24 hours following his comments (if you’re viewing this through a reader you may want to click through to my site in order to see the video).

Though some of the backlash has been hot and personal Hume has not backed down from his assertion that the Christian faith has a lot to offer when it comes to forgiveness of sin and redemption. There is something to be learned from Hume’s example of perseverance.

Note that Hume did not get defensive in response to being attacked. Neither was Hume apologetic for making remarks based upon his convictions. He clarified that he was not denigrating Buddhism. Hume did not soften or withdraw his opinion but merely reiterated by way of his personal experience how powerful the Christian faith had worked in his own life.

In a free society that also values tolerance it seems to me that Brit Hume was a glowing example of how to give free expression of faith without being obnoxious, denigrating or disrespectful.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott for posting on this, I for one have so much respect for Brit Hume... wow, so awesome that he voiced this...I just wonder if I would have the "spirit" to say what he did so publicly. I am encouraged by this to be more out spoken when it comes to Christ.
Debbie S.

Anonymous said...

I wish more people who have access to a microphone would respond the way Brit Hume did (twice)!

He is came across to me as a man who was simply speaking his own conviction.

Bravo Brit!


Paul Revere said...

This confirms why I had been recording and watching "Special Report w/ Brit Hume" news broadcast for years. Since he semi retired, I have been recording and watching his replacement Bret Baier.

It is so refreshing to see fearless Christians in action!