Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Night Musings

It’s Sunday night and as usual I’m reflecting on the events and conversations from the morning. After an inspiring baptism of a friend who is already having an exciting faith adventure with Christ, I had the opportunity to pray for a young family who exemplify faith regarding their newborn and multiple heart surgeries to come.

Then there was the sermon. For those who have never delivered a sermon, it is a remarkable experience. After 35 years of preaching I still marvel that God lets me do it. The process of praying and studying continues to change my life. And, the actual time of speaking is almost always a dynamic time of God stirring and editing in my mind and heart.

So, how did it go today? I never really know but I did come across a helpful list that gives a clue when the sermon is in trouble.

7. The worship band begins playing you off the stage
6. The congregation is filling in the blanks of your outline before you get there.
5. When you pause for dramatic effect several people giggle.
4. Your cell phone starts ringing and you answer it.
3. When the children are dismissed to junior church, most of the parents go too.
2. Desperate mothers are pinching their babies.
1. The ushers are handing out refunds.

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