Friday, August 04, 2006

An Hour On Sunday

What are you doing this Sunday morning? Do you have plans? Have you even thought about it? What about investing an hour in drawing nearer to God?

If you are already a follower of Christ then invest an hour in worshiping God. If you are still seeking answers about faith, then invest an hour investigating Christ and His church.

Nancy Beach has written a wonderful book, An Hour On Sunday. She concludes, “I am convinced that modern day miracles can take place when people enter our churches. The hour on Sunday can be a time for wonder, a time to quiet souls, spark deep emotion and prompt turning points with eternal significance.”

I’m praying today that you might have a simple but special hour this Sunday with God and His community.



Larry Santi said...

Has anyone told you lately that your service in the Kingdom of God is special?

I remember a previous Sunday Morning with you when you talked about a question you asked Sherry,... Who was the greatest christian you have ever known? The answer was you.

I have a very few that come to mind. You are up there with the the best of them.

May the Lord continue to show his favor and blessing on your ministry!

Larry Santi

A fellow ad

Scott Brewer said...

Wow Larry. I don't hardly know how to respond.

Thanks for the affirmation and the friendship. It's a gift.

Let's continue to grow and become as long as God gives us breath.

Larry Santi said...