Saturday, August 19, 2006

Postcard Delivered After 58 Years

Charles “Rocky” Rose is 82 years old and lives in Spiceland, Indiana. Recently Judy Dishman, the postmaster, delivered to Rose a penny postcard mailed in 1948. The postcard had been mailed from Rose’s mother. The mother and son used penny postcards in the 1940’s to exchange news. No one knows why it wasn’t originally delivered over 58 years ago.

The postcard said in part, “Hi Buddy, How’s my boy? Fine I hope.”

To Rose the words are priceless. “I wouldn’t sell it for nothing on earth,” he said.

It’s understandable how precious it would be to suddenly receive written words from a long deceased parent. No doubt Rose’s memory and imagination have been working overtime the last few days as he reflects on his relationship with his mother and what she meant to him.

This is the way it is for many Christians with respect to the Bible. The Bible is a lot like a letter written from our Father. Along with history and theology there is a very personal message to His sons and daughters that reads similarly, “Hi son/daughter, How are you? I am committed to make it well with you.”

Rose’s postcard wouldn’t mean a great deal to other people beyond the novelty of it being old and undelivered for so long. The Bible doesn’t seem to mean a great deal to others beyond it being ancient and containing mysteries. But, for those that know God as Father, they are precious words for which “we wouldn’t take nothing on earth”.


jill obrien said...

Great blog today Scott. Although I've been a Christian for 25 years I've only recently begun to explore a real intimate relationship with God as my heavenly father. Having not had a positive father role here on earth it was a challenge to trust that part of God because I had to allow myself to be vulnerable. This relationship has taught me to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, employee - it goes on and on. It gives me great delight to know that my "daddy" will always be there and I can crawl up into His lap anytime. What an incredible gift.

I'm curious how others experience God's fatherly touch. Would you be willing to share?

Mike said...

When I first started reading the Bible it was not a very personal interaction for me, it was more historical and out of a sense of curiosity.

Now, years later as my walk with God has matured a little, the reading, meaning and message has definitely changed. I look forward to what scripture will say and mean to me personally. The depth and breadth of this personal reading only increases the more I immerse myself in the Word.

Today, I'm not sure that I could live without it and I know that I choose to live with and in it.

Scott Brewer said...


Thanks for the feedback. I especially appreciate your description of what has been going on with you and God. Your "crawl into His Lap" especially stands out. Perhaps you would want to elaborate on what that is like. I'm sure there are some readers that would be keenly interested.

You asked about my own experience of God as Father. My family of origin experienced divorce when I was 4 years old and my father from that point on was barely involved in my life. This left a "father void" in me.

I became a Christian at 15 but had a defining moment with respect to this issue when I was 18. I discovered the verse in the Bible that says God will be a father to the orphan and a husband to the widow. That just leaped off of the page and into my heart.

I was already aware that the Bible refered to God as Father but that verse was like an invitation for me to engage God differently.

I started looking toward God and leaning into Him as my Father. I asked Him for advice and guidance. I asked Him for help, especially as a poor college student and I have dozens of "miracle stories" because of it. I celebrated with God when life went well and I cried and griped to God when life was disappointing.

The result was an intimacy that I didn't anticipate that has continued to deepen through the years.

Scott Brewer said...


Appreciate the perspective and I share your desire to live with and in His Word.


jill said...

How do you describe complete peace and unconditional love? How do you describe knowing that no matter what I have said, done or been - I am absolutely accepted. And that acceptance comes no strings or contingencies. How do you describe being someone's treasure? This love transforms lives. I've seen it happen over and over again. I saw it again last night as people very dear to me took brave vulnerable steps toward their Father seeking and asking for this love. I'm so thankful for God's goodness.