Monday, August 28, 2006

Is Jose Miranda Jesus Christ?

Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda is an evangelist, a television and radio personality, claims to have a following of millions, and says that he is Jesus Christ.

In addition Miranda has announced that sin no longer exists and there is no devil. However, there is still the call to give offerings and his followers give huge contributions. Some hand over their entire paychecks while at least one follower gave him a $1 million home. He says that God wants him to have gold, diamonds and drive BMW’s.

What do you think? Upon what basis would you make a decision?

I think Miranda is seriously deceiving his followers. Whether he is being deceptive because he is deluded or deranged or devious, I don’t know. What I do know is that he is neither Jesus Christ nor correct about his theology.

How can I make such a conclusion? Who am I to say Miranda’s wrong and I’m right? Let me briefly state three things. 1) I believe the Bible is a trustworthy guide to knowing God and knowing what God is like. Miranda is not in step with the Bible. 2) I have had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ for 30 years. I’m His follower and servant. Miranda is not Jesus. 3) The Bible teaches that God gives to His followers discernment about whether matters are true or false. Miranda is a false prophet and teacher.

My point with this reflection is that you face issues and decisions every day. You need divine guidance, wisdom and discernment. Most issues are not as obvious as Miranda. If you’re going to grow in confidence of knowing God, knowing what God is like and discerning God’s guidance for your life then you will be greatly helped by these three things. 1) Pray to God and learn to have a conversation with Him. 2) Worship God privately and publicly with a church body. 3) Read the Bible and discover what it says for yourself. Having a community of faith with those who become trusted friends will provide a safe and encouraging context for experiencing God.

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