Friday, September 01, 2006

Life Is Fragile. Do You "Handle With Care?"

Betty Simon was a 46-year-old mother of two grown sons. She worked at a Jack-In-The-Box in North Seattle. All she was doing was waiting at a bus stop to catch a ride home and now she is dead.

Apparently Simon was standing at the bus stop just minding her own business when a 53 year old Seattle man rode his bicycle past her and accidentally bumped her. Simon lost her balance from the bump and fell off the curb and under a bus. She died instantly.

The bus driver, who apparently had no fault in the accident whatsoever, was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

The Bible tells us that our lives are like a mist, like a vapor. Life is very temporal and very fragile. My post from August 31 told the story of a 43 year old father of 4 who was tragically killed while driving down I-5 because debris flew off the back of a truck in front of him.

Friend, it raises the question, “How prepared are you for your life to be over or changed forever?” The bus driver was just doing her job. Though she had no fault she will have to deal with running over and killing a mother of 2 for the rest of her life. The bicyclist will have to deal with bumping into Simon for the rest of his life. Simon now stands before the living God to give an account of how she spent her one and only life.

I don’t have the personal strength, courage or wisdom to deal with everything that happens to me in a lifetime. I need God as my Rock as well as my Companion in order to do life’s journey well.

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