Thursday, September 20, 2007

Marital Unfaithfulness Not as Wonderful as it Seems

Adnan, age 32, was dissatisfied with his marriage. He turned to an online chat room for distraction and comfort. He connected with a woman who went by the tag “Sweetie”. Adnan could pour out his heart about his marriage and wife to Sweetie and she seemed to have amazing understanding. She also could say just the right thing to encourage and edify Adnan who went by the tag “Prince of Joy”.

Likewise, Sweetie’s marriage was disssatisfying and she was very unhappy. Prince of Joy similarly seemed to have amazing insight about Sweetie’s circumstances. She would also feel a lift every time she connected with Prince. Later Sweetie would comment, “I was suddenly in love. It was amazing.”

So, Sweetie and Prince of Joy decided to meet each other and have a date. To their shock and disappointment, when they had their rendezvous they discovered that they were having a clandestine meeting with their real life spouse!

That’s right, in their online persona’s they were seeking escape from their offline reality unknowingly with each other. According to The Daily Telegraph, upon discovering that each had been cheating they filed for divorce charging each other with unfaithfulness.

There is a reason that something that is illicit or forbidden seems so wonderful and desirable. The enemy of our soul, Satan, creates and designs temptations to be so. They are sweet to the taste and bitter to the stomach.

We often play around with temptation like a child playing with matches. Eventually we will get burned. Right now would be a good moment to resolve to put an end to whatever temptation has been entertaining and luring you.


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