Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Weeks to Live

This past Saturday a friend of mine died after battling with poor health. For the past couple of years he had been receiving dialysis treatment and enduring a lot of pain. With the agreement of his wife he chose to stop the treatments.

My friend was informed that he would probably only have two weeks to live once he stopped the treatments. In fact it turned out that he had a little less time. He had an exemplary marriage, great kids and a lifetime of serving God and people. I believe he is now experiencing the presence of God in glorious ways and is receiving blessings and rewards from God.

I was caused to reflect about his final days. What would I do differently if I knew that I only had two weeks to live? What conversations would I have? What acts of love or kindness would I want to do? What forgiveness would I seek? What irritating issues would lose their bothersome power over me? How ready am I to leave this world and go to the next?

One of the values of reflection is when it stirs us to make desired changes. May we live with the reality of how fragile and brief life can be.

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