Friday, October 05, 2007

Disturb Me

I sat in a session today with Craig Groeschel, a pastor from Oklahoma. He began his talk by asking each of us to pray a two word prayer, “Disturb me.”

Groeschel went on to talk about how many of us live as practical atheists. A practical atheist is one who says he believes in God but then lives like God doesn’t exist. If God exists then it would be reasonable to assume that one would order his entire life around God rather than around self. If God exists one would be more concerned to please God than please people. If God exists one would give more attention to developing an internal character that honors God than an external persona that impresses man.

When Groeschel finished speaking, my opening prayer had been answered. I was disturbed.

I definitely think about God a lot, all through the day. I pray often. I seek to see what God is up to around me and discern whether He is inviting me to do something, to participate with Him in some way. However, the Bible tells us that out of our heart flows what is in our heart. I still long for more stuff when I have everything I need. I still feel competitive with others in a way that seeks to soothe my ego. I still get flashes of anger over inconsequential things and fail to get angry about injustices in the lives of so many.

What flows out of my heart reveals how much there remains of an old life that is dead. An old dead life that is allowed to resurrect is a result of self being enthroned and God being de-throned in my heart. Practical atheism.

“God, I pray that you would disturb those who reflect with me on these things.”

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