Saturday, October 27, 2007

When Ceremony Overshadows Conviction

ABC News reports that David Brooks, the former CEO of DHB Industries, has been arrested for embezzling company funds. DHB Industries is the leading body armor provider for US soldiers in Iraq.

Among the list of charges is that Brooks spent $10 million on a bat mitzvah party for his daughter. For $10 million Brooks was able to have Aerosmith, 50 Cent and Don Henley of the Eagles perform along with other extravagant party experiences such as gift bags for 150 kids that included iPods and video cameras.

A bat mitzvah is the female version of a bar mitzvah. In Jewish tradition when a girl is 12 years old or a boy reaches 13, they are said to become “a daughter (bat) of the covenant” or a “son (bar) of the covenant”. It marks a time of assuming responsibility for one’s relationship with God. These days the bat mitzvah ceremony or party tends to overshadow the substance or meaning of the girl becoming a woman of God. That’s certainly the case in the Brooks story.

Similar things happen in Christian traditions of christening or confirmation or baptism. Most glaring in my opinion is the modern day wedding where 95% of the attention is given to the one day ceremony and reception/party rather than the marriage the wedding is supposed to launch.

This Christmas many will endure candlelight and communion services so they can get on with opening presents and gatherings where they will overeat and over drink.

The David Brooks trial will focus on how he ripped off his company, investors and customers. There will be no mention of how he has cheated his daughter of a real encounter with the living God of the universe.


Bob said...

It's all very sad. When you make power or riches the things you worship all thats left is your Demise. I can't help but feel that God must be very sad also

Jessica said...

I was very sad to read this too. However, I think God is going to use this to advance his Kingdom... !