Thursday, October 18, 2007

Insults, Political Correctness and God

October 19 an animated Hollywood feature, “The Ten Commandments” will be released by Promenade Pictures. I saw a couple of trailers and it looks good. I’m interested to see it. Some terrific actors bring their voices to the characters.

During these days of promotion apparently a little controversy has erupted with Disney Radio because they took the Promenade ad and edited it. At a point in the radio ad where the character Moses is being introduced, the lead in description was supposed to say, “Chosen by God, Moses…” Radio Disney edited out “Chosen by God”.

Initially Radio Disney told Promenade that according to their broadcast standards and practices the words “chosen by God” should be omitted. After word of this decision got out to other media Disney Radio said that the phrase was confusing and still later they said it had to be edited for time.

One Promenade exec questioned, “Who are they afraid that they’re going to offend? Everyone knows the story of Moses and that he was chosen by God.” You can read more about the controversy here.

The previous question of course falls into the murky pit of political correctness. It seems that we learn of some group or person being offended every day by the ever changing PC norms.

As I read this story I immediately said out loud to myself (yes, I talk to myself while reading), “Who are they going to offend…what if they offend God?”

That launched me into more personal reflection. What’s going on with me? Are there thoughts, actions or inactions from me that offend God?

God has been so compassionate and patient with me. When I fail to extend that to someone else I think it is an offense to Him. God has been very generous with me. When I lack generosity toward others I believe it is insulting to Him. I could go on.

We would do well to take a few moments right now to confess and repent of our offenses.

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