Thursday, November 06, 2008

Slaying the Financial Giant

Over the next few weeks I’m giving talks at Meadowbrook Church that I call “Slaying Giants”. My premise is that we all face significant challenges that in the least distract us from life’s purpose and joy and for many, oppress, intimidate and defeat us. Click here to see the whole series.

This past Sunday I, not surprisingly, used the David and Goliath story as a model regarding how to slay other “giant” types in our lives. Click here to listen to the talk.

This coming Sunday I’m specifically addressing a giant called “Finances”. I plan to bring into the national and personal financial conversation some biblical and practical points that I hope will be helpful in overcoming this giant.

So, when I attended a breakfast meeting this morning and the featured speaker was a professional financial consultant, I was all ears to hear what she had to say. I was saddened, but not surprised, that the core of her message was that setting and reaching financial goals is the means by which we secure our lives.

I’m a believer in setting and striving toward goals and do so in multiple areas of my life. But friend, there are a lot of people that have reached tremendous financial goals and they lead some of the most insecure lives you’ll ever see. Money is not security. Money is not status or identity. Money is not happiness. Money is money.

Money is a tool. Use it well and it becomes a “servant” with which you can buy needed resources or help in meeting the needs of others. Use it poorly and you become its servant, always slavishly trying to get more.

For David and ancient Israel, defeating Goliath was not what made them secure. There were other giants out there. Goliath had brothers. Rather, having a relationship with the living God was and is what provided security and a foundation for life.

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