Monday, November 10, 2008

A Word about Loyalty

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro wrote an article in last Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal that has me reflecting. Shapiro’s title, “The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace” is subtitled, “What must our enemies be thinking?”

Shapiro opines that our enemies must be thinking that we have little character and resolve.

Shapiro gives a number of examples of disloyalty toward President Bush that most of us have read or seen. I had not heard of the petition in San Francisco signed by 12,000 to rename a sewage plant after George W. Bush. He called it classless disrespect of the president and I agree.

I’m really not talking politics in this post. I’m talking about the virtue of loyalty. Any fair minded person could list things that President Bush has both done well and poorly. His approval ratings are some of the lowest in history but the point is that the highest office in America still deserves respect. Disagree with and even oppose the President but remember that his office is the most challenging and pressure-packed in the world. By the way, Shapiro is a former John Kerry intern.

David, who would later become king of Israel, would not let his band of loyal supporters rise up against the current King Saul, even though Saul had dealt treacherously with David (see 1 Samuel 24). Even though David was a young and ambitious man, David “got it” about honor and loyalty.

You may be in a work situation where your supervisor acts in disloyal and dishonoring ways. You may be in a marriage with a partner who seems to be working against the health of your relationship. You may have an acquaintance that requires a lot of grace to be around.

I’m not advocating that anyone act like a doormat and let others walk on you or be spineless with no opinions or differences. I’m calling for civility, respect, and an end to bitter words and feelings.

Perhaps you’ll join me in reflecting on that today.

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