Monday, May 04, 2009

My Confession

Sunday I gave a talk regarding understanding the times in which we live. It will be posted on the Meadowbrook website later this week if you want to hear it.

In short I contended that the US is increasingly edging God out of our country and culture. I stated that some of the “signs of the times” are:

economic collapse, unchecked diseases, increased hostilities and even hatred between those of different ideological and political perspectives, the redefining of marriage, legislating the right to die, and a loss of the sanctity
of human life. I could have added the disintegration of the family, the anti-religious and increased secularizing of society, relativism and the loss of moral absolutes, increased sexual perversion of every kind, pervasive injustice toward the poor and powerless, and a more radical and aggressive atheism.

The point is these “signs” and the reality of our edging God out must surely lead to God’s removal of His presence, protection and provision for us. We have been a nation blessed by God and we’re becoming a nation that will be judged by God.

The appropriate response for us is to repent of our ways and to humbly ask God for mercy. At the close of my talk I invited those whose hearts were convicted in a similar way to make this confession with me—

God, forgive us for thinking You are like us.
Forgive us for making idols out of things and people.
Forgive us for calling evil, good and good, evil.
Forgive us for distractions and boredom regarding your mission.

God, seize us.
Save us.
Deliver us.
Transform us.
Create in us a clean heart,
A clear mind, and
Committed hands that worship You.

You are the great and mighty God.
There is none other like You.
You and You alone have the allegiance of our lives.
Amen and amen.

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lisau said...

Thank you for your courage to speak out the "Signs of the Times". Better yet, thank you for your message on how to handle the bad news without becoming despondent. We need to reclaim our roots in Christianity. In order not get overwhelmed and depressed, we can start with our own family and those we are in daily contact with. I encourage everyone to listen to your message again and again! Thanks, Scott! I have been watching the bad news for a long time and watching the corrosion of our country. I won't be in despair if I can do SOMETHING about it...not to fix it all,but to help my own little corner in this's amazing how fast the GOOD NEWS can travel if we are willing to share it!