Friday, July 14, 2006

Being Called By God

The Bible features many stories of God “calling” a person to follow Him and to live out a specific mission. When God calls He also provides all the grace, power and wisdom that is needed to carry out the mission.

William Carey was a cobbler living in England in the 1700’s. As he grew in His love for God he found an increasing love for humanity taking place at the same time. He became burdened for those around the globe that had never heard the message about Jesus Christ coming into our world in order to be a bridge so that a fallen person could be connected to and have relationship with a holy God.

Carey educated himself and began teaching geography. His students would sometimes weep when they would hear Carey’s broken heart for others. He frequently prayed over a globe, asking God to reach out to and bless other people groups. Eventually this lead to Carey feeling called by God to go to India with the gospel.

Carey literally spent the rest of his life creating schools for general education, equipping people to do work and earn a living, and most of all, teaching about Christ and starting churches for those who chose to follow Christ.

William Carey is referred to as “the father of the modern missionary movement.”

This week I’m in England and studying at Regent’s Park College in Oxford. As I visited the library today I saw on display the couch upon which Carey died in 1834. For a moment I was arrested as I reflected on the man, his faithfulness and the similar mission I am also called to live.

I contend that every person that chooses to follow Christ is at some point called to live a mission. By no means does that mean that all become missionaries to India. It does mean that all become missionaries somewhere, like your neighborhood, office or social circles.

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Donna Zimmerman said...

Sometimes we get caught up into thinking we do not have the ability or resources to reach out to crying lost world. Yet how many times did Jesus just minister to a person by a kind and truly caring word or deed. That is a missionary, putting self aside and coming along someone who needs encouragement and true compassion. As I have begun to look over the City of Redmond in my new home, my heart aches as "life goes on" and yet so many are in the blind. What can I do -- pray -- and trust me God will bring those into you life. Next time you see someone stopped on the side of the road, back up and extend your help. A true missionary is one always extending and reaching out instead of being on the receiving end. Our mission field may just be our church, neighborhood, work, family, etc. One life at a time so that life will pass on to sonmeone else and soon it will go around the world.