Sunday, July 16, 2006

God Loves You: Good News?

Sunday afternoon was sunny and warm. I had taken a walk in the park with two friends and enjoyed stimulating conversation. Now we were on our way to a shop where I was about to delight in a waffle cone full of ice cream. There was a man standing in the middle of the sidewalk and as I approached he called out “God loves you,” and he tried to press a leaflet into my hand. It’s sometimes called “street witnessing”.

I believe that God loves me and that reality is good news to me in a very deep way. However, in the moment it didn’t feel like good news. It felt intrusive. I was enjoying a carefree afternoon with friends and someone that doesn’t know me was seeking to address me at profound level. I didn’t want to.

God loves you. Is that good news to you today? Since you’ve chosen to enter the conversation of my Blog perhaps we can speak of such things without it being a turn off to you.

To be loved by anyone requires that I respond in order for the love to touch me, bless me and enrich me. If I choose not to respond then the reality of God’s love falls flat before me as if a stranger on the street were calling to me.

Perhaps today is a day of response for you. Perhaps you would find it meaningful to click the link to the online Bible and read Psalm 23 or Romans 8:31-39. If so, let me suggest you read slowly as if savoring a tasty bite of favorite food. Whisper a prayer, “God, let these words make sense to me. Let me experience your love.”

“God loves you” really is good news. I’m praying for each reader today that such news is experienced as good.

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jill obrien said...

Wow Scott. I really needed this today. I've learned so much this year about receiving God's love. I suffer from the false belief that all relationships end. There are times when I even feel this way with God. The truth is that God is and will always be there. The joyful part for me is that He wants to be there. He loves me unconditionally - and He knows all the "bad" stuff. So when I read Romans 8:37 I can rest. Because the powerful truth is "we are more than conquerers through him who loved us". There is huge power in that. Thanks for sharing this today.