Saturday, July 01, 2006

Superman Returns

Much has been said about the similarities between Superman and Jesus Christ. Both are not "of this world"; were sent by their "father" on a mission to earth; possess "super" powers; etc.

In the recent film Superman left this world and had a "second coming", thus he returns and he finds the world in much worse shape than when he left. The story line poses this interesting and provocative question: "Does the world need a savior?"

Everyone has problems and needs. If God is loving, benevolent, powerful and desires to save us from our fallen, broken ways (sin), then why wouldn't someone admit, "I need a savior and I believe that Jesus Christ is the savior"?

In the movie's story line Lois Lane is hurt by Superman's departure. He never said "good-bye". Therefore she writes an award winning story, "Why The World Doesn't Need Superman." She also moves into an unmarried relationship and has a child.

Could Lois represent the "wounding" that many feel that "if there is a God where did He go" and "who needs Him anyway"?

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