Saturday, June 02, 2007

Community Can Save Your Life

What a sad and tragic story that comes out of New Zealand. A 44 year-old mother of four was dependant upon an oxygen pump, couldn’t pay her electric bill and died within hours after her power was turned off. Her outstanding bill was only $122. It is a terrible tragedy and fingers are now pointing in several directions in the effort to lay blame. CBS tells the story here.

My immediate reflection was that this could never have happened if this woman had been connected to a community of men and women who are doing life together with love and commitment toward one another. I’m specifically referring to biblical community that is also known as church. I hesitate to use the “church” word because most people associate the word with a building rather than with a group of people committed to Christ and each other.

I’ve been a builder of and participant in biblical community for decades. I literally can’t imagine doing life without community. If this woman had been in community as I’m describing she would have had “brothers and sisters” that would have supported her in many ways (including help with a utility bill). Her children would have had several “aunts and uncles”. That’s the way I look at the children of my community friends. I’d do anything for them.

When I mention “church”, is community the first picture or thought that comes to your mind? If not you really need to get a fresh exposure to church. Yes, there are still “churches” that are reduced to places of rules and rituals but so many others are communities of life breathing, life building, and life blessing connections.

Perhaps this Sunday would be a strategic time for you to give church/community another chance. If I can help with that I’d love to. Please contact me. I’m praying for you about this matter today.

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