Friday, June 22, 2007

What I Like About "Evan Almighty"

Today the much publicized summer film “Evan Almighty” is opening in theaters across the country. From the makers of “Bruce Almighty” this sequel features another appearance of God in the life of an everyday, ordinary guy named Evan Baxter.

I’ve not seen the film and I’m not writing a movie review. At this date I don’t know if this is a movie worth seeing or not.

But here’s what I do like.
1. I like the idea that God is real.
2. I like the idea that God is really involved in the lives of everyday people and not just ancient biblical characters.
3. I like the idea that God is still calling people to great challenges (Evan is called to join God in changing the world).
4. I like the story line that indicates that God will work in our circumstances to accomplish His purposes. For example, Evan becomes a “magnet” for animals. They just begin to show up and be drawn to him which is a helpful thing since Evan is to build an ark and load it up with animals.
5. And I like the portrayal that some people will believe you when you claim that God is at work in you, and some won’t. That’s real life.

All the items listed above are true in my life. My experience with God is relational and He places a call on my life that is about changing the world. His calling is my life’s purpose. God is faithful to give me abilities and gifts and favor with people and circumstances in order to accomplish His purposes. And, there are terrific challenges that are way too big for me and sometimes leave me surrounded by skeptics and cynics.

God may not appear to you in your rear view mirror as a passenger in the back seat of your car. But, God is there. God is pursuing you. God does love you and He has great plans for your life that won’t be forced upon you. If you’re listening, in this very moment God may be whispering to your heart. Will you open your heart toward Him?

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