Wednesday, June 20, 2007

There Are Better Places to Look For Jesus

Once again Jesus has been spotted, this time on the trunk of a tree.

I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee so the story grabbed my attention. According to WMC TV members of St. Michael Catholic Church say the bark pattern on a tree trunk near their parking lot resembles the face of Jesus.

I’ve posted on this before when Jesus or Mary have been seen in chocolate or on grilled cheese sandwiches or on the belly of turtles. I’m not sure why the media gives any space or time to such things.

God is real and can be really found and experienced. You’ll find God in reading the Bible, attending a worship gathering, saying a prayer, having substantive faith conversations with a friend and by opening your heart to Him when walking on the beach or hiking up the mountain.

If looking at tree bark makes you think of God or turns your heart toward God that’s great, but let’s don’t make shrines and “holy places” out of these things or places. Let’s legitimately encounter God and approach Him with reverence and awe.

Everyday I have the privilege of encountering God via the personal relationship I have with Him by my faith in Jesus Christ. Everyday I encounter God in the life of a growing believer. You can also.


Anonymous said...

what do you do when you've tried to have a relationship with christ and life still seems to be a struggle?

Scott Brewer said...


Thanks for your question. I'm assuming that it reflects your own personal challenge and struggle. I try to be brief with my replies but I don't want that to come off as flippant or as a "know it all". I'm neither.

1. All relationships have challenge and struggle. I struggle with my family and friends and I struggle with Christ.

Friendship with my wife doesn't mean I don't continue to struggle. Friendship with Christ will help but not eliminate life's problems.

2. Sometimes our struggle has more to do with what's going on inside of us than it does with the other person. If I'm worried, anxious, fearful, hurt, tired, or needy I struggle in my relationships with anyone.

3. Sometimes I need help in my relationships with others. I get out-of-sorts with my son and my wife may help me bridge the gap. Perhaps spending time with a Christian friend can help refresh the connection with Christ. Share with the friend the struggle you're having and ask the friend for help. (Caution: some friends can make it worse so choose carefully)

4. Finally, is there a self-defeating habit that you know you need to drop but haven't?

God wants to make things better in our lives. Because He loves us sometimes He focuses more on a character issue that we have when what we want is Him to fix a circumstance or problem.

Try to cooperate with what God is doing in you and you'll see the situation around you change.

You're in my prayers today.