Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Saw & Liked "Evan Almighty"

I posted earlier about “Evan Almighty” and wasn’t sure at the time if I was going to see it or not. Today some friends called and said, “Let’s go see ‘Evan Almighty’.” So, we went and I loved it. I know several movie critics panned it and some Christians nitpicked some of the theology. However, it was fun (though a bit much on the bird droppings) and moving.

I’ll try not to give away the movie though you see a lot with the trailers and previews. I liked the matter of Evan saying a prayer and God choosing to answer it in unexpected ways. I thought there was helpful clarification on how God will often respond to prayer requests for change, patience, for better family closeness, etc.

I liked the way Evan had to deal with doubters and cynics. His sanity is questioned when he mentions that God had spoken to him. He is ridiculed when he pleads for his neighbors to get aboard the ark before the flood comes. I’ve seen that look on the face of others when I’ve indicated that I thought God spoke to me (though I’ve never heard an audible voice or seen an appearance of God like Morgan Freeman). Likewise, I’ve pleaded with others from time to time to forsake their broken plans and take a risk on trusting God.

Though Evan the politician is out to change the world in big and powerful governmental ways, I liked the story line that has him changing the world simply by having a changed life himself.

Most of all I was moved with the tracking of a life that is first seen as self-absorbed and unfamiliar with the idea of God, much less the Person of God, who grows and becomes connected and relational with God. I’ve given the last 30 years of my life to see that happen in person after person.

I saw “Bruce Almighty”, tolerated some of the sophomoric humor and loved the ending as Bruce becomes a transformed person. I liked “Evan Almighty” even better and likewise delighted in the ending.

If you see the movie let me know what you think.

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Jason said...

I too saw and liked the movie. I was specifically impressed with how Steve Carell seemed humble after he was "Noah."
It made me think what would it be like to be a prophet where the normal expected response of those you love is, "you are crazy" yet he had a conviction that he had to let people know about. It resulted in a neat kind of humility I thought you could see in the way he addressed his family.