Monday, July 02, 2007

Reba & Kelly, An Exciting Combination

Channel surfing led me across the current edition of “Crossroads”. It is a television program produced by Country Music Television (CMT) that pairs a country artist with a pop or rock artist. The singers perform each other’s songs before a mostly country audience. I’ve seen it a few times and enjoyed the collaboration.

This week it was the pairing of Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson. I don’t really listen to the songs of either artist though I occasionally hear them on the radio. But, I lingered for a few minutes the other night and I was hooked. As I watched and listened to their performances of several songs and interviews in between I was moved and felt a wave of emotion throughout the program.

When the hour concluded I turned off the TV and reflected. “What just happened here? Why do I feel moved and emotional? Is something going on inside of me to which music merely opened a door?”

Here are my conclusions--
1. I have a great respect for anyone in any discipline that has worked to sharpen their gifts and abilities. These women write the songs that they perform. The vocal range was stunning, crisp and captivating.

2. The song writing was vivid story-telling. Much of the music these days is dependent upon a carefully produced video in order to sell the songs. With the Reba and Kelly songs I found my mind creating mental images to go along with their lyrics, sort of my own video making in my mind.

3. Both artists had a wonderful ability to take a commanding lead on a song and both were able to yield to the other’s lead and provide supportive harmonies. It was refreshing to me to see confidence and humility together.

4. There is a significant age difference between Reba and Kelly. It was obvious that Kelly had been a long time admirer of Reba, loving her songs and learning from her professionalism. And it seemed that Reba adored Kelly as well as celebrated her talent. The image was a contrast to the contemporary generational struggles where the older generation tries to hold on to jobs, influence or power and the younger is seeking to dethrone and make a name for self.

5. Finally, passion and intensity are always moving to me. These women were passionate about their songs and the performances came off whole heartedly.

As I sat in my den with the above thoughts it occurred to me that I had just viewed everything that I long to see and experience in Christians and the church. I long to see Christ followers who will sharpen their gifts, abilities and opportunities and seize the moment. I long to see us tell the “old, old story of Jesus and His glory” with vividness, freshness and power. I long to see respect and collaboration across generations, gender, races and denominations. I long to see passion about the work and mission that Christ has left to His people.

What I long to see in Christians and the church IS happening in many places. God help us to see it become the norm rather than the exception.


Jason said...

Have you always had that longing to see that kind of fellowship in the church? Or is that something that developed over time?

Scott Brewer said...


The longer I've followed Christ and served the church the more I've grown to love the church.

I'm convinced that the church is the hope of the world. We steward the message of the Gospel that says God loves us and will redeem us.

But in addition to that, through the years I've caught more of how much God loves the church. That's resulted in me caring about and loving the church (which is people) more.

Thanks for asking.

Jason said...

That is great to hear. Having known a lot of pastors and thought about it myself in many ways this is a question I have asked myself a lot. I think that it would be hard at times to be a pastor of imperfect people. I always feared it would make me cynical instead of grow my love.
You're the right man for the job.