Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Do You Have an Advocate?

ABC News reports that media queen Oprah Winfrey is going to throw a fundraiser in Hollywood for presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Senator Obama has already raised $58 million, a tremendous effort at this point of the race, and the Oprah backing should see great results. Maybe equal to the money will be the value of having the popular TV star cheering for Obama. Oprah has far reaching influence.

Have you recently had someone of influence cheering for you? Has someone been your advocate in a public way?

Tuesday I was part of a panel in a leadership training in a nearby city. The facilitator and main presenter of this gathering of about 50 leaders made reference to me about a half dozen times with glowing remarks. Seriously, the last comment he made I was truly embarrassed. But, at the same time it felt great. You know what I mean?

Seeing the Oprah-Obama story reminded me of the power of advocacy. Do you use your personal influence to advocate for others? Are you a recipient of advocacy?

My prior two posts have carried a courtroom theme. I continue that today with a reminder that all of us will stand before God someday. He will be the Judge. We will be the defendant. And, for those who have chosen to be Christ followers, Jesus will be our Advocate. The Bible tells us that Jesus will speak on our behalf for the forgiveness and mercy of the court and that the Judge will accept Jesus’ advocacy and grant us access to heaven.

Truly, it is great to have an influential Friend.

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