Friday, July 13, 2007

Tending to the Soul

Thursday is my day off and I’ve needed to unplug and get away from my normal routine. My wife suggested that we take a drive to Rattlesnake Lake in the Cascades and spend the day sitting in the sunshine on the shore of the lake and just read or talk or nap.

We took a couple of back roads driving in my jeep with the top off. We brought a picnic and literally spent about 6 hours watching waves, listening to birds, hearing the laughter of children playing and swatting a few mosquitoes. I finally got in to the novel I’d been saving for summer and not only enjoyed it but had some “laugh out loud” moments.

My soul is renewed when I can enjoy God’s presence and His handiwork in creation. Today was a long drink of refreshment. I’m grateful.

Do you know what renews and refreshes your soul? Time off or getting away are factors but no guarantee of needed soul care. The essential piece is connecting with God so that He is breathing into your life. It’s called inspiration.

If you know how to go about that, consider today’s post a friendly reminder to tend to your soul. If you don’t know how to care for your soul get with a Christian you trust and learn from his or her example. If you have a resource that would be of benefit to other readers please leave a comment.

God bless you as you live in concert with Him.


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful picture. Did you take it?

Scott Brewer said...

It is a beautiful picture and yes that is Rattlesnake Lake (some others have asked).

No, the parks department took the shot.

From where we live it only takes about 45 minutes to get there. Go check it out sometime.