Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here's a Good Deal on a Casket

Someone sent me this picture. My wife likes to go to garage sales and yard sales but I can promise you she has never seen someone selling a casket during her weekend treasure hunts.

When I saw the photo my first response was to laugh out loud but my second response was, “What are they doing with a casket?” Did they bury a loved one and later decide he didn’t really need a casket that nice and therefore they placed him in something else and now have a nice casket for sale?

Then it occurred to me that Costco and others now sell caskets and some people are pre-buying (buying before they need it) their casket so they don’t have to pay the jacked-up price of a funeral home. Maybe this person got a deal on their casket but later found their cash flow to be tight and therefore tried to sell it to pick up a few bucks. Whatever.

I just know that I’m prepared to die (I’m reconciled and at peace with God) but I’m not ready to be buried (I haven't pre-purchased my casket). Maybe I need to find out where this sale is, but then again, storage is a problem for me.


Anonymous said...

Well, you could justify the storage by either storing more stuff in it. Perhaps it might make a good armoire if stood on end with shelves installed in it.

Or my personaly favorie would be to take out the lining and use it as an extra large cooler for those summer barbecues.

Anonymous said...

My dad was left a bunch of things by an elderly friend that moved out of state. One of the items was a brand new urn. He did sell it at a garage sale. The sales pitch was it had never been used. A man bought it and rode away with it on his bicycle. He was very pleased with his thrifty purchase.