Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't Be Afraid to Reflect

Our world said good-bye last week to Tony Snow, the former press secretary for President George Bush and a former television and radio commentator. The journalist died at age 53.

Much has been written and said about Tony over the past few days. One person quoted a part of Tony’s commencement address to Catholic University of America in 2007--

“Why am I here? [That question] impels you to think like the child staring out
at the starry night: Who put the lights in the sky? Who put me here? Why?

Don’t shrink from pondering God’s role in the universe or Christ’s. You see, it’s trendy to reject religious reflection as a grave offense against decency. That’s not only cowardly, that’s false. Faith and reason are knitted together in the human soul. So don’t leave home without either one.”

Why should anyone pay attention to Snow’s thoughts? Because at the time Tony was battling for his life against colon and later liver cancer. Tony was not waxing theoretically. His grappling with life and death issues was real.

Yes, I know it is Monday morning and you have emails and voicemails and postal mail and a full week’s agenda screaming at you for attention. Let us not forsake reflecting on the most important matters.

Blessings on your day.

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