Wednesday, July 02, 2008


This photo taken of an American soldier and an Iraqi boy (found here) captured my attention and my reflections today.

I’m grateful for the sacrifice and commitment of our military and respect them for the extremely difficult assignment that they bear. The picture captures the paradox of compassionate tenderness housed in a battle ready man.

But the primary reflection that seized me is the trust that the little boy has toward a mighty warrior. This is a picture of humanity with God. The Bible declares that God is “Almighty” and an awesome and terrible force against evil and unrighteousness. Yet, He can be trusted so that we may approach Him like a little child. He will lower Himself to listen to us and talk with us. He will allow us to find refuge upon Him from the scorching sands of this world.


MaryAnn said...

What you say sounds so right. Thank you for those words.

Scott Brewer said...

Thanks Mary Ann.

I'm grateful that you guys posted the pictures. It was a very moving moment for me to see your site.