Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A la carte, 8/29/07

I’ve had so many things going on lately that I haven’t had much time for blogging. Now that I have some time there are so many things to write about I decided to reflect briefly on multiple items. I expect that I’ll do this from time to time in the future so I’m going to refer to such “bulleted reflections” as A la carte. You pick and choose one of the following for your own reflection.

This past week I went camping with 114 friends! It was a great time. Throughout it all Jerry, my colleague, was the picture of a servant. He worked with rangers to insure everyone had their correct campsite. He enlisted volunteers for our community meals. He drove a boat for two days so others could ski and have fun. He brought and set up sound equipment for our Variety Show. I continue to learn servanthood from Jerry.

I had breakfast with Van, an out of town friend who came for a visit. He’s about ten years ahead of me in life and has contended with a number of challenges, setbacks, disappointments and just cranky people. Yet he is convinced that God is not through with him and therefore he must continue to learn, to grow, to become and to serve God until he crosses the finish line. I want to persevere like Van.

Care & Compassion
Yesterday one of the single women in our church had an unexpected and extraordinary need and challenge pop up. Suddenly she was faced with having to move all the household goods of a dying friend and put them in storage within a 48 hour window. A half dozen Meadowbrook men immediately stepped up and stepped in to the situation. All involved are examples to me of care and compassion. I want a life that is so responsive to others.

In a few days I’ll have an opportunity to be with my wife, two sons and future daughter-in-law for a little relaxation. We’ll get to enjoy each other as we use a waterfront condo that has been made available to us by friends. My friends not only make their things available for my use but legitimately seem to be glad that I use it. I want a large and generous heart like theirs.

There you have it. Pick one or more of the virtues listed, reflect, pray and ask God to so work in your life.

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