Thursday, August 02, 2007

Who Are You, Really?

Okay, I’m excited. Tomorrow is the opening day for the latest in the Jason Bourne trilogy, “The Bourne Ultimatum”. I’ve already bought my tickets in advance and my wife and I are going to see it with six friends!

Seattle Times movie critic, Moira Macdonald, tells us that this is the sort of movie in which somebody says, “Um, he drove off the roof,” and it isn’t a metaphor. If you’re looking for action you’ll see Bourne ride his motorcycle up a concrete wall, beat up a faceless army of tough guys, jump across rooftops, race a car through the streets of Manhattan, and do a few nifty tricks with cell phones.

For a cool video timeline of the Bourne saga check out

You’ve been disengaged from life in America for the past 5 years and you don’t know who Jason Bourne is?

Jason Bourne is a fictional character created by Robert Ludlum in books and film. The first film, “The Bourne Identity”, is the intriguing story of what it is like when you forget who you are.

Jason Bourne is a highly trained, specialized agent of the US government who has tremendous ability to fight the enemy, to discern dangerous situations and to think strategically and overcome problems. But, Bourne has forgotten who he is. In one battle with a bad guy Bourne is shot and nearly drowns. The trauma causes him to have amnesia.

At one point Bourne questions who he is because he is sitting in a restaurant and he has observed every car in the parking lot, memorizing every license plate, and can close his eyes and tell you with detail about the appearance of every person sitting in the restaurant. He questions, “Who does this kind of thing?”

It’s a great question because the answer is relevant to his lost identity. The person “who does this kind of thing” is a secret agent.

When a bad guy attacks Bourne, Jason instinctively deflects the enemy’s blows and knocks out his opponent. When hearing a foreign language spoken across the room he not only understands but returns a comment and thereby discovers that he knows that language.

So, let me shift gears from the movies and fictional characters to you and me. Those who have become followers of Jesus Christ also have a “Born” identity. The Apostle John tells us that we are children of God if we have been born from above or born again. This connection with God transforms our lives so completely that we truly begin to have a new identity in Christ. However, life’s traumas sometimes leave believers with temporary amnesia and we forget our “Born” identity, someone endowed with grace from above to be agents of love, hope, joy and life.

Jason Bourne is on a quest to fully recover his memory and identity. I’m reminded that Christians must be on the same quest.

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