Friday, August 31, 2007

Slow Leaks

I receive regular communication from a missionary friend in Africa. Most recently her email posed an important question about the maintenance of my (your) life. Take a couple of minutes to reflect on this thought--

“Slow leak...that describes the right front tire of our mission vehicle. Was it caused by all the broken glass that litters the roads going into the shack settlements which I visit every week? Who knows?...But we all know that eventually slow leaks need repair. And, if they aren't repaired in a timely way, they become a major hazard: a blowout on the highway is a very serious matter! So we made time today to take the tire to be repaired.

“Slow leaks...where else do they exist in my life? Am I keeping my spirit filled with Bible reading and meditation and open communication with my Father? Are poor relationships or negative emotions daily draining energy....leading to a potential crash? May we be faithful to go daily to our Healer for essential daily ‘maintenance’ and needed life-repairs!!!”

I’m praying for those reading this post that you’ll find meaningful connection with our God today.

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