Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No One Ever Gets Away With Anything

This past Saturday Seattle police arrested a 20 year old male employee of Cinerama. A woman had discovered a video camera in the women’s restroom and reported it to authorities. When the video tape was examined there was not only the recording of four women using the restroom but apparently the young man accidentally videoed himself installing the camera.

The police showed the beginning of the tape to the theater manager who then identified the employee who was caught on film setting up the camera. The man admitted to videotaping the women and was subsequently arrested and booked into the King County Jail for voyeurism.

What is your first thought and reflection on this story? Maybe you thought, “How dumb could someone be to video himself?” Perhaps you thought about the lack of safety or privacy today. Maybe you focused your thoughts upon the women who were videoed and the violation they have experienced.

Frankly my first thought was, “That is going to happen to everyone some day.” I’m referring to the biblical claim that someday everyone will stand before God and answer for everything they ever did in this world. It will be like a lifetime video being played in court showing every sin we’ve committed and for which we will be judged.

Sometimes it looks like people are getting away with cheating or lying or abusing others. They’re not. No one ever gets away with anything. We’ll all answer to God for it when life as we know it is over.

This is yet one more reason to become a Christ follower. Not only does He cause my heart to come alive to Him and prepare a place for me in heaven, but He forgives my every sin and delivers me from that end time judgment.

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